Our Greatest Adventure

Love at First Sight: Our Story!

Hello friends! Our story is completely normal until you plug in the numbers. Two people spending time together, two people living and growing together, two people choosing to love each other and put each other first, two people in a solid relationship… two people under 22 years old, that is! If you’ve ended up here, you may be in a similar situation. Getting married young? Me too! And I’m here to tell you… it’s a-okay, with tons of benefits!

My fiance and I have an awkward, cringy little beginning. My family and I had been going to the same church for my entire life until a big disagreement with other members came along, ending in separation. Everything that happened there impacted me in a very negative way. I lost my way with God and I no longer wanted a relationship with Him. Little did I know, He never stopped working in my life. We found a new church much closer to our neighborhood. I was about to turn 14 when we started regularly attending services and Sunday school. Aaron had been going to this church his entire life! We met in youth group, and eventually started chatting online. I had the biggest crush on him! A month after we started talking we both admitted we had feelings for each other. We stayed friends for a few months, but we couldn’t wait. Our friendship was solid, and we loved each other. We started spending more time together, and people started noticing. A lot of people didn’t approve, and we lost friends over it. But we were committed! Aaron started bible studies with me and eventually I was brought back to God. The two most meaningful relationships of my life began that year!

3 years of laughter, hiking, movie nights, bike rides, drives, and change has done nothing but further prove that we are not going anywhere! We both got jobs, new friends, and a new relationship within two families! We are all so excited for the wedding and everything to come! Oh, the things we will gain!

We are so fully blessed to have supportive families, supportive friends, and the Godly discipline we were raised with that will help us choose a Christ-centered love for each other every single day. Marrying young doesn’t have to be risky, or bad, or a stupid decision. If you and your other half have found a lasting, secure, and fruitful love for each other, then you deserve all the support in the world! Marrying young could be the best thing you’ll ever do! Your age does not speak to your maturity level, as I have well learned!

To end our story, he hasn’t proposed, (YET!) but only because we don’t want a long engagement! Our wedding is set for summer 2018 and we have never been more ready to be married!

Thank you for following our story and good luck on your own journey, friend!


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